Dear Armineh,


The trip was wonderful, interesting and a once-in-a lifetime experience for me.  I first want to thank you and Tatev for being so responsive and helpful in getting our visa and organizing all the travel arrangements, you made that part of the trip very easy.

All our arrangements were just fine, our hotels were good enough for the price, clean with air conditioning  and a refrigerator and friendly staff.  I liked that our lunch or dinner was in a restaurant and we were free to order whatever we wanted that was really a great value during our week.

Our guide was very organized, very nice and hard working, he was always positive and helpful as well as very knowledgeable about Iran’s history.  I learned a lot about Iranian history, religion and culture.  Although, for me, I would have liked to know more about everyday life and have some insight into the Iranian cultural habits.  Our guide did answer questions, but many times he really didn’t, couldn’t provide direct responses to our questions.

An outstanding feature of our trip was the network of drivers and others who were so important to the quality of our trip.  In each place the friendly drivers met us with a smile and quality service and by the end of our time in their city we had become friends, the drivers offered fruit or other interesting information which added to the enjoyment and quality of our stay.

From being met at the airport with flowers and smiles to saying a sad good bye with a hug the total trip was memorable and I loved it all, almost all, I hated wearing a head and body cover all the time in the hot sun.


Again, thank you for all your kind support and attention to details.

Jane Daly

Employment Expert

USAID Armenia 


Dear Nazi ,(Varsenik),


I am glad to write you as a friend who had a trip to Armenia and enjoyed it too much.

We were given more than we expected! In fact your general knowledge and your awareness about the history of your country really satisfied us.

Your prideful sense of nationalism was so interesting for us and we wish you come over all your political problems and the war will be finished very soon. And we would be grateful if you could com to and visit our country. 

By the way, I listen your advice about  buying  the last album of TATA and I liked it so much. I listen to it every day in my car and imagine that I am in Armenia! So who knows? Maybe one day we meet each other in Armenia a gain! 

Please say our hello and thanks to Mrs. gharakhanian and Mr. Bezik and Miss Almara  for their kindness and we are looking forward to your good news.


Best Regards

Pegah Sherkat

Hossein Paryavi

TATEV is always waiting for you. NAZI your guide

Dear director

First of all great tanks to your to your leader miss. Nazi

She was so kind and patient. She knew more about every thing also she was very patriotic. And tanks to your travel agency, we had nice driver and vehicles in your tours.

Your country is so beautiful and your people are so kind their looks full of happiness and patient. I like to be there again soon. I sent one picture. I will be glad if u put it in your site.


  Again tanks. M- SHOHOODI


From: Оганджанян Арсен Р.


Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 4:46 PM

Subject: Отзыв о поездке в Армению!!!


Уважаемая компания «Tatev T.T.T.» хотел бы поблагодарить вас за организацию экскурсионных поездок по Армении 1 и 2 мая.

Особую благодарность хочу выразить г-же Варсеник  – нашему экскурсоводу за интересные экскурсии в Гарни, Гегард и на Севан, а также за ее компетентность и исключительный профессионализм, который не ограничивался (как это обычно бывает) только кругом вопросов касательно определенного исторического памятника, а  распространялся на весь широкий пласт мировой истории и культурологии. Очень приятно, что в Армении есть такого рода специалисты и компании, предоставляющие сервис такого уровня.

Обязательно воспользуюсь вашими услугами при следующей поездке!

Отдельное спасибо и привет – нашему водителю – г-ну Ашоту!




С уважением

Оганджанян Арсен, Москва

Dear Tatev Travel Agency,

I just send this email to admire your agency by having two nice ladies (Ms Nazi & Ms Gohar) .They are both professional in their jobs.

We had our tours mainly with Ms Nazi.she is knowledgeable and tries to make everybody satisfied . She behaves really friendly.and helped us a lot  even in shopping.

Ms Gohar also took us to the hotel and was great for wel coming.we (an 8-group)  all were angry cause of many problems which had taken place with our agency in Iran and we forgot completely.

One afternoon Ms Gohar saw us in overtime somewhere in the street.she came to see if we had any problem.It shows she loves her job.

Thank you once more and I let upcoming tourists to know about your tours.



Farideh Heidarzadeh

April 2006 April 2006
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April 2006 April 2006

Hello dears,

Thankyou for arranging our tours - We enjoyed them very much.

Elise and our driver were very attentive and made both tours a pleasure. 

Nice pictures on your website !


Sam and Madeleine Weir


Thank you very much for your help in Armenia.

We come back to our house in Japan on 8 November as planned.


Thanks to your appropriate arrangement, we are completely satisfied with the stay in Armenia. Clever and lovely Alice, responsible and humorous Hakob. This is a good combination. Every site where you proposed to as Khor Virap, Noravank, Tatev, Khndzoresk… is all excellent. Not only that, but we spent a very pleasant time in the car and in the apartment at Goris.

As Kamelia promised to as, we could spend “unforgettable days” in Armenia because of you all.

We hope that we will go to Armenia again. At that time, we want to travel with Alice and Hakob again if possible.

See you.



Komazawa, Osuke


P.S. I will contribute a report about your company to a guidebook magazine in Japan because your company is very good. If this is published, it possible that more Japanese tourists will approach your company. Won’t you mind?

March 2006 March 2006
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March 2006 March 2006

Barew hargeli Tatev,


Yes shad shnorhagal em zer entuneluchuniz yew nooinisk gazmagerbaz toureri u bnagaraniz. Armeeni yew im wra shad law dbaworuchun e toghel.

Yes umi hed wor handibel em gam herachosow em chosazel badmer em co geghezig gazmagerbuchian masin wor shadere wokeworwel en gan hayasdan.

Unem nayew shnoragaluchiun tourguide_eriz irenz bari modezman yew hmood bazadruchiuneri hamar.





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